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Granada Crystallization Boxes (GCB) Domino ®


 GCB-Domino is the only flat test tube available in the market. Perfect for your capillary counterdiffusion experiments.

Características principales:GCB-Domino

  • Easy visualization of the crystals

  • Up to six simultaneous capillary experiments

  • For long capillaries (50 mm) allowing better optimization of the crystals size and quality
  • The volume of protein solution per experiment is now reduced down to 300 nanolitres.

As effective as the GCB original, but now you need less volume of protein per experiment!

Triana Science & Technology offers GCB-Domino in packages of 24 units:


Price per package

GCB - D - 24

130 €

You can use the empty GCB-Domino and fill them yourself with a gel plug and our screening kits specially designed for capillary counterdiffusion.

Remember you can also buy the GCB-Domino prefilled with different precipitating cocktails designed for capillary counterdiffusion kits.

To make an order, just send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a list of the required products and services you need or from the menu "orders".