Crystallization Print

In Triana Science & Technolog we can grow crystals by different techniques. A team of experts trained by Prof. García-Ruiz guarantee the crystallization to the limit of the actual possibilities. 

  • Protein crystallization.
  • Drug crystallization.
  • Small molecule compound crystallization. 

The cost of the service depends of the “crystallizability” of the compound we estimate by an easy questionnaire about the properties of your biological macromolecules.

For estimation of crystallizability and cost contact at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Triana Science & Technology also offers a wide variety of crystallization services including:

  • Polymorph Characterization.
  • Crystallization Kinetics.
  • Granulometric and Morphological Characterization.
  • Aggregation and Agglomeration Phenomena.

Special prices for Universities and Public Research Institutes in the framework of European Projects and for National programs projects.

Crystallization challenges:

Triana Science & Technology is also interested in crystallization challenges, i.e. crystallization of compounds and low crystallizability.